SMART-S Multi-Function Aluminum Bookshelf

SMART-S Multi-Function Aluminum Bookshelf

We hold the concept of SMART-S multifunction aluminum alloy design, and let the furniture be a visual art. Designer combines visual beauty and practicability of human natures. Silver integrated aluminum alloy and laminate surface which represents the sense of technology and speed. Moreover, we reduce the height of the bookshelf, and escape the feeling of pressure from the traditional systems bookcase, but will not lose the multifunction of the bookshelf.

SMART-S Multi-Function Aluminum Bookshelf
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  1. Movable hanging stationery case: 
    Fashion aluminum alloy design can hang movable stationery case to put pen or accessories.

  2. White board:
    Considering that parent can leave message or class schedule on white board or accompany studying with children, we attach movable white board to the bookshelf. It can be clean easily & magnet can be attached on it.

  3. Space saving:
    This bookshelf can increase the practicability of the space, and our designer make a board for the bookshelf. It not only can place the books but also can place the 3C commodities.

  4. Fixed bookend:
    Three edges of double layer bookshelf boards add fixed bookend to prevent book falling. User can add movable stacle to match.

  5. Clip: Suitable for desktop board thickness below 4 cm
    Clip size and depth is 6 cm to stably clip the desk.

Type specification:A/SMART-S-SHELF
Material:P1(E0) particle board, Laminate for board’s surface, High-quality platinum alloy
Bookshelf:W88 X H43.5 X D24 CM
Bookshelf board:W79.5 X D24 CM
Clip:D6 X H4.5 CM
Fixed bookend:W19 X H5.5 CM
Origin:Made in Taiwan


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