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“We are Family” the Design and conception of DK desk series

Times change, technology brings advancement and speed. There is less face-to-face communication between everybody. At this stage and in the future, children's education will soon become computerized and quickly and coldly entered into memory. Over time, children receive more knowledge. But they have less interaction and how to get along with each other.

Adults in the same office, they also use line or other messages to send messages, even if colleagues are sitting next to them.

Material can bring enjoyment. Technology can bring progress. But the mind becomes more inexplicable.

However, animal are the greatest companions for human spiritual healing. They bring the temperature, companionship and happy!

This is the first time that COMFPRO combines the design concepts “We are Family” of DK series desks with Korean illustrators, Danish and Taiwanese designers.

Outside type
Natural, harmonious, comfortable and with a Nordic style.

There is no pressure sense of temperature, bring to people happy.

Use of industrial three-dimensional cutting design to present the animal appearance of Korean illustrators.

Combine with COMFPRO structural technology, creating an ergonomic desk where children can sit and stand.

Desktop and animal color
White color in 2020,looks confident. Bold. High-end color full of energy.

A purely companionship. Peace.
Heart can settle down. Love. Comfort.

Dog : Puppies can bring positive effects, help children improve interpersonal interactions, emotional disorders. Reduce anxiety.

Cat : Cats are tender and natural, they can help humans to release stress on the body more quickly and effectively. They will be great companions.

Elephant : Powerful but temperamental. Huge but cute. The world's second wisest animal: Elephants can actively generate an interaction and compassion to comfort their peers.

Natural, harmonious, comfortable and with a Nordic style.

In the past, the design of the desks was square. It was more serious and restrained.

Danish designers believed that the furniture itself must be a kind of display in addition to being practical. In the DK series-“We are Family”, the R design of each corner is valued. The foot shape is no longer boxy but shows a sense of harmony with a soft design.

In addition, the two side tables on the desktop are higher than the desk platform, forming a sense of integrity and security.

There is no pressure sense of temperature, bring to people happy.

Korean illustrator AZIDOMG brings joy to the work and designs different characters, Cat(Name: DDUNG), Dog(Name: JJU) And elephant (Name:BUDDY). “We are Family.”
Additionally, using industrial three-dimensional cutting technology to show the vitality of the work.

Combine with COMFPRO structural technology, creating an ergonomic desk where children can sit and stand.

The shape of the desk combines the COMFPRO keyboard structure technology and the German manufacturer's original Stabilus special specification Gas lift, so the desk can achieve the function of lifting and tilting. The lifting technology can reach a  minimum of 34CM ~ 81.5CM. Effective for children from 3 years old, and can also have the advantages of sitting and standing.


Keyboard structure technology is upgraded

All complex joints are integrated and covered to modify the appearance of the appearance.
The arc-shaped cover shows consistent harmony.

Strict control of safety

The entire desk is strictly controlled, and each fine slit is based on the strictest, standard is less than 6mm and over 12mm principle to break through, combining all joints in a smaller space, breaking through structural technical points.

Matching options

In addition to elephants(name: BUDDY), “We are Family.”of DK series can also choose cats (name: DDUNG) or dogs (name: JJU).

The eyes of the elephant are made of wood material-natural and comfortable. You can hang the schoolbags.
Cats and dogs can be used as magazine racks or bookshelves.

Optional purchase of accessories

There are two semi-circular eyes behind the DK series desk, you can purchase a table lamp. SMART bookshelf (width limited to). Screen and screen stand, etc. according to user needs.
Inclined convenient structure

The desk can be stopped at any angle from 0 to 36 degrees. It can cooperate with any writing,reading, etc. of the user, effectively assisting the correct sitting position, and avoiding head injury.

Desk size and material

Size:L115.5 x D76 x H70.5 cm
Desktop height:66 cm
Desktop depth:70 cm
Material:Formica desktop
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