Mini King of Children Desk

  • Mini King of Children Desk
  • Mini King of Children Desk
  • Mini King of Children Desk
  • Mini King of Children Desk
  • Mini King of Children Desk
  • Mini King of Children Desk
  • Mini King of Children Desk
  • Mini King of Children Desk

Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.
The concept of UR4 desk has extend wide and more working space to user. Comf-pro design UR4 not just have main part of desktop but have side and back parts of desktop. The main part which has a tilted function that can be used drawing, reading and writing and while the rest of it remains fixed in place as a practical storage surface and working space.


How to choose


Purely desk

A technology oriented, COMF-PRO ergonomic desk made via a technology oriented and slowly with fine workmanship.

Health wood with EO glue of formaldehyde.

Eo glue is the fewest formaldhype requires using in hospital furniture, E1 is the standard of home furniture. Protection each children’s health , COMF-PRO use the highest standard, E0 glue desktop,desktop and edge with high quality protect , water resistant, Flame resistant, wear resistant and scratch resistant.

Gas lift adjusts higher with the operation

Height adjustable: 50.5~76.5cm

Gas lift in center make adjusts be more higher, full desk simultaneously adjustable is up or down, using effortless. Improved control base,adjust higher more quickly 、 stable 、safety !

Double safety switch

Adjust height of the desk, have to untie 2 safety switches -Control Switch (under desk) & safety switch (desk base), then easy to adjust the height, double protection mechanism, give child double protect!

L shape desktop fully use free space

Desk front setting bookshelf, create storage space, front right side fit to set computer, right platform can place more items, match with hidden wire cover, elegant and aesthetics.

Thicken Desktop

Use 2.5cm thickness Thicken Desktop ,more stable not deformed.

Freely tilting degree -5 sections choose

Sitting posture remind design.when user’s body lean on desk,desk will auto tilting,remind the user have to adjust the body ,sitting well on chair,any time -no repress the neck,no humpback.

Adjustable bracket design

Tilting bracket,elasticity design,small & delicate,no occupy space.

Drawer in side

Stationery housed in the drawer , create more conveniences,collation more easy! Freely optional! The cabinet will increase more space for storage.

Ergonomically Design

The desktop scratch against, easy clean and SGS loading test.
Synchronized adjustment for the height of the table.
Streamlined Base.

User-Friendly Operation

0~29 angle adjustment good for writing, reading, painting, and typing.

Safety Standard Endorsement

Streamline base makes by HR steel support the desk stable.

Table Color:White
Base Color:Gray
Tilting t:0~30degree(+/-2cm)
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