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  • Noblesse Desk
  • Noblesse Desk
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  • Noblesse Desk
  • Noblesse Desk
  • Noblesse Desk

Relax, Streamline, Bright, Elegant White Best fit for all kinds of decoration.


How to choose

Completed protect baby growing
Understand what you really need. Be responsible for your child’s future.
1 seconds up and down. Free Adjust Height!
Any height of adjustment. Big brand, STABILUS gas cylinder from German with safety certification.
Streamline beauty. Elegant
Relief. Streamline. Bright. Every moment close to you. Every wise decision you make.
Writing. Reading. Painting. Any free of angles you want
One-second non-sectional adjust angles. New upgrade version.
The largest angles can reach 37.
Lower Formaldehyde Formica laminate
High-spec Waterproof edge banding, Flame-resistant, Wear-resistant, Scratch-resistant.
Let children use it for a long time.
Certification of production, German STABLIUS Cylinder
Automobiles. Aerospace gas cylinder. made by Nitrogen. Inert cylinder safety.
Best material carbon steel. Level knob
Base choice Medium carbon steel, specific thick metal material using in rail or bridge.
Do your child sit correct?
The material of desk base makes by special thickness metal which same as using in the rail or bridge.

Wrong sitting posture!
If you use the desk/chair are not match your body, how your body will be as below situation.
Especially, when a little child uses office desk.
Below body situation cause by unsuitable desk/chair
Correct sitting posture
Five key words to learn how to make your sitting correctly : Measure. Foot. Knee. Full. Nestle.
Choice desk can adjust height help your eyes and body comfortable.

Measure - Measure the height to choose the chair
Foot - Sit down, and the foot touch the ground for 90 degrees.
Knee - Sit down, and the popliteal fossa for 90 degrees is equal to chair cushion’s height.
Full - The bottom sits on the chair fully.
Fit - The back perfectly fit the back cushion.

The height of desktop depends on the indoor space to adjust
1.The adjustable structure safe and convenient.
2.The desktop use E0 grade of formaldehyde certification.
3.Adjust the height of desktop until the elbow can hang down the desktop naturally
during 90-110 degrees.
How important about sit correctly
Poor posture can interfere with blood circulation and cause headaches.
Stiff shoulders can make you tired, and prolonged use can cause discomfort.
Material:Gas cylinder, Laminate board
Table Color:Maple/Oak
Base Color:Grey

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