Elegant Monitor Arm

  • Elegant Monitor Arm

1.User-friendly design: multi-angle adjustment.
2.Streamline design with classical color black and white.


1. Load ability: 3~8 KG
2. Suitable for VESA standard monitor hole position: 75*75 mm/ 100*100 mm
3. Universal joint is 360 degrees.
4. Trailing arm can up to 60 degrees, down to 30 degrees.
5. The clamp of Monitor arm to hold the thickness of the desktop : 30~95 mm

Computer is considered a necessity nowadays. Internet reach everywhere and knowledge is eternity.

Civilization brings disease of affluence-humpback and myopia.

You may watch monitor for a long time but the monitor is too far to read the words clearly. You may only adjust the interface ratio or head nearly to monitor involuntarily. Be careful the humpback and myopia will find you.

  1. Charming holder design in star appearance.
  2. User-friendly design: multi-angle adjustment
  3. Streamline design with classical color black and white.
  4. Easily assemble and adjust
  5. Friendly operation: save your time
  6. Collect electric wire freely.
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