Love Love Pen (2B)

  • Love Love Pen (2B)
  • Love Love Pen (2B)
  • Love Love Pen (2B)
  • Love Love Pen (2B)
  • Love Love Pen (2B)
  • Love Love Pen (2B)
  • Love Love Pen (2B)
  • Love Love Pen (2B)
The function of device and triangle pen in the market is convenient for user to position three fingers (thumb, index finger, middle finger). After positioning these 3 fingers, user can write down words easily. (avoid wrong holding pen position) But the children need is not only to position these 3 fingers, also slip proof and wild vision for children.
The patent love love pen Z type pen point can solve this problem.

COMF-PRO always focuses on the field of ergonomics desk and chair. This year, we launch 2 products to help pre-school children read and write. Sensible brightness sensor and love love pen.

Both parents and children can hardly correctly judge whether the light is sufficient or not. Due to the long-term observation to pre-school students, COMF-PRO vice manager Chung Hui-Chi understand their study condition and demand. “Now, pre-school children spend more time on writing, reading and playing computer, once the light is insufficient, children will become nearsightedness.”

Another unique Z shape design “love love pen” is the present for grown up children. “Parents spend time correcting children's holding position and they worry about blister and callus.” COMF-PRO vice manager Chung Hui-Chi further explains that since children can't hold tightly the traditional straight line pencil and they can't see what they write, it will result sore finger and callus. Moreover, children feel afraid to write homework. To clearly see what they write, they have to tilt their head or bend over on the desk. It will cause the harness to eye sight and vertebra.

The “Z pen point” and “triangle holding pen” devices for COMF-PRO LOVE LOVE PEN can provide the advantages of easy to write and clear see what you write. It can help children write down neat and beautiful words. Children will no longer afraid to write homework and decrease the possibility of nearsightedness and humpback.

We divide into 2 kinds of pencil:

  1. For 3-5 years children; for children above 7 years old.
  2. Long and short one.
  3. Pencil lead: soft and hard.
  1. Z shape pen point – U position of z shape is the support finger point. It can correct wrong holding pen position, broad writing sight.
  2. Swirls wisdom slip proof rubber – triangle holding rubber can be adjusted to the suitable position by user's freewill.
  3. Suitable for right and left hand use: the attaching line of holding rubber, turn left is mode for right hand turn right is mode for left hand.

Traditional straight line pencil – hand will slip easily, can't see what they write, over use the hand, hand sore, tilt head…etc. negative effect.


Type specification:GVQ (Suitable for 3-5 years children)
Material:SGS certificate for non-toxic plastic, pencil lead can be refilled
Origin:Made in Taiwan

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