People said: Children are carefree angel. Therefore, God send children come to the earth and educate parents how to learn LOVE continues. Angels happy to fly and play, sometimes forget to close their wing and stay in who parent’s shoulder.
Times go thought many years at Mr.Chen life, he finally became a father. To fatherhood, his mission wants his daughter growing health and perfectly, so he starts design and build everything to his daughter in order to his angel happy and smile in her life.
Over the years, a happy paradise has been built. COMF-PRO of Mr.Chen still holds the post guarded with kind eyes. Even though the wrinkles are overlapped so far, there is still no fatigue. He just hope child always be carefree little angel who is born happy.
COMF-PRO of design director- Mr.Chen focus on create new design and hold many development patents and lead Taiwan’s brand, COMF-PRO team toward world stage.
COMF-PRO story
This is about a father love his daughter, the first and the final of COMF-PRO.
Design director, Mr.Chen build COMF-PRO brand since 1984. Relying on the tenacious personality and learning experience of Taiwanese, combined with innovative thinking. Mr.Chen extend his office furniture and toward to the international market. After that, he began to desire a complete family, after year and year, his finally wait his baby born and came his life. And it gave him another new concept, using his technical create children ergonomic desk and chair to his daughter.
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