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Why to Choose COMF-PRO

The initial and the final intentions

The reason COMF-PRO was founded was to realize Chairman Chen's dream to be a father at first. Chairman Chen wanted to feel the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as a father; therefore, he made the first book desks and chairs with his own hands for his children.

Over the past 20 years Chairman Chen's children have grown up and their heights are almost taller than his.

The more love Chairman Chen has to his children, the more passion he has to the book desks and chairs of COMF-PRO.

It is because the book desks and chairs of COME-PRO convey the strong feelings between Chairman Chen and his daughters.

COMF-PRO started its enterprise in Taiwan and then through the endeavors for the past 20 years, we have established 30 branches all over the world.

We made our products from a seating assistance desk and chair to the Japanese medical assistance learning desks and chairs for those with physical and psychological obstacles.

We made our products from a growing desk to ergonomic desks for American Schools.

We made our products from the first desk and chair for our own homes to the currently countless homes.

The ultimate purpose of COMF-PRO is not to sell furniture.

Our purpose is to convey the love to children through furniture.

Safety First

Our strong insistence on quality is because the products are made for our own children!

This is not just an important issue for Taiwan's parents.

This is also the expectation from the parents of 30 countries around the world.

We have a strict review system to ensure the procedures from R&D to the quality of production are carefully checked under ISO 9001. (ISO label)
  • The backrest and seat of the chair have passed the 100 thousand times impact test. The chair legs have passed the destructive test over 2250 kilos for safety.
  • The PU foam can sustain pressure test of 10 thousand times and doesn't change its shape. The comfort level is still good.

Environmental Protection

Basic level of environmental protection:

we need to use a healthy desk and chair from childhood. The desk and chair is not only suitable for ergonomic sitting posture; moreover, it can also keep our children company until they grow up into adulthood. The longer we use it, the more love we give away to the earth. We have the obligation to promote the consumption habit of “no abandoning” and “no wasting”.

High level of environmental protection:

The materials that COMF-PRO use meet the requirements of the environmental protection. Some materials we use are recyclable. The values of some non-recyclable compounds are also far lower than the international standard. We always try our best to protect the environment of the earth.


When we were expanding our markets internationally, our products were always able to catch people's attention.

Customers from different countries always asked us where these products were made. Of course, they were made in Taiwan!

And customers always said "Wow! You took away the biggest prize of our country.”