Ergonomic Design Chair/Desk COMF-PRO focus on develop and design a series of children ergonomic desk and chair since 1984. The mission of COMF-PRO replied a great and correct sitting posture of desk and chair to accompany all children. COMF-PRO has responsible the high quality production and safety certification, such as material and products. And honor to share with you COMF-PRO international products award. We appreciate you enjoy COMF-PRO products and service. Welcome to join us! COMF-PRO world.
2020- Dubai COMF-PRO Shops Openning.
2019- COMF-PRO Club Café Openning.
 COMF-PRO Franchise In Hungary.
2018- Kids Master Brand Openning In Russia.
2017- Tay Huah Headquarter Factory Move To New Place.
 To Be The International Brand Supplier In Denmark .
2016- Tay Huah Second Factory .
2015- The Union Of COMF-PRO China And COMF-PRO Korea Sale Group In Seoul.
2014- Poland, Turkey COMF-PRO Shops Openning.
 Product Design Silver Award In Miff 2014 Furniture Excellence Award.
2013- Office Chair Cooperate With Japan Directly Distribution.
 COMF-PRO Shops Open In Thailand And Mogolia .
2012- Children Product Design Silver Award In International Fair.
2011- COMF-PRO Developing Market Around 290 Shops In China.
2010- Tie-Up business with Singapore SPI and International brand.
 Update various accessory and additional technology ofCOMF-PRO.
2009- COMF-PRO grand open. Excellent functional desk and chair at SOHO department store.
2007- COMF-PRO starts marketing ergonomic desk & chair in Switzerland.
 COMF-PRO established marketing channel on the Internet.
2006- COMF-PRO starts marketing ergonomic desk & chair in Italy, New Zealand.
2005- COMF-PRO starts marketing ergonomic desk & chair in Russia, Australia, and Austria.
2004- COMF-PRO starts marketing ergonomic desk & chair in Singapore and Germany.
 COMF-PRO ergonomic desk & chair was an appointed product in Hong Kong.
2002- The ergonomics desk & chair earned COMF-PRO Japan design silver award.
 COMF-PRO starts marketing ergonomics desk & chair in USA successful.
2000- COMF-PRO was the first successful got the patent of multi-functions ergonomics chair.
1994- COMF-PRO was the first successful on got ergonomics desk patented and marketing in Taiwan.
1993- COMF-PRO was the first successful one got ergonomics chair patent and marketing in Taiwan.
1990- COMF-PRO start marketing ergonomics office chair to Middle East.
1984- COMF-PRO was the first successful one to develop gas spring and marketing to USA.