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COMF-PRO your Trainer

If you have capital but you don’t know how to start business. COMF-PRO is the trainer can be your retailer guidance

TAY HUAH your Design Consultant.

If you have your own idea but unable to drawing 3D and make sample, TAY HUAH reply your designer group make you win the time and market as soon as possible.

TAY HUAH manufacturer has 3 ability

Having high mobility, high compatibility, and high professional make fashion children furniture and adult office furniture.

  • High mobility – Can be your best supporter doing design and making sample in a short time.
  • High compatibility – Can you your home. According to marketing change every moment to finish goods and change product line.
  • High professional- To save your cost of experience which reply the product safety standard and development product tooling.

TAY HUAH is a happiness company. All employees are our family and our best wealth.

TAY HUAH is currently building our distribution network in abroad. We are looking for partnerships in a variety of different distribution including furniture mall, school building, education organization, toy shop..etc. If you are interesting in selling COMF-PRO, we would love to connect with you. Please fil out the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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