Ultra Melody Desk

  • Ultra Melody Desk
  • Ultra Melody Desk
  • Ultra Melody Desk
  • Ultra Melody Desk
  • Ultra Melody Desk
  • Ultra Melody Desk

Design double tubes with special gear up and down structure.
Great level of environmental board and high-quality gas lift by Germany STABILUS.


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The back of the desktop can install the bookshelf that can increase the collect space, the front right desktop can be put the computer, and the right side desktop also can put the documents.

The new vision aesthetics with the innovative double tubes design and large adjustable structure for 340 mm that can be used whether sit or stand condition. This Ultra melody desk also can be used from 2 years old to 90 years old and from 70 cm to 180 cm, and you can use this desk easily by yourself.

Moreover, it's a fast and comfortable way for the user to adjust the desktop's angle in one second.

Follow the European industrial art design, at first stage, this desk can up and down in 1 second by Germany gas lift. At second stage, this desk can be adjusted the height by Taiwan patent special gear structure.

The obstruction free concept makes the children's feet can spread freely, and can concentrate on learning.

The desktop has the pen tray design that makes the children learn how to classify the stationery and cultivate the organization and distribution habit.

Environmental board Germany STABILUS gas lift Medium carbon steel structure 2.5 cm anti-clip design Edge design from Italy.

Overall dimension: W132xD75xH58cm
U desktop size: W132xD75cm
Small desktop size: W84xD48.5cm

U desktop height adustment range:58.5-83.5cm

Small desktop height adjustment range
U desktop 58cm:39.5-74.6cm
U desktop 83cm:64.2-99.3cm

Tilt adjustment range:0-34 degree

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