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  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk
  • Sharing Desk

From childhood…
The careful protection of the parent
The brotherhood loyalty of the friend
The utmost care of the lover
We thirst for company
Company is love
Company is giving
Company is growth
Company is sharing

How long…haven't you shared?


How to choose


Share and Accompany

There are independent desktops let the kid can share with their classmates, and they can study and play together. Or let the parents can accompany with their children study, and also can deal with their own work. The desk not only a tool, the desk is the best bridge for sharing.

Double Adjustable Structure

The front desktop and the back desktop can be adjusted the height according to the user's demand. This desk can satisfy any different demand when the kid uses this desk sit on the floor or the parents work with desk by standing.
Adjustable height: 22-99cm

Tilting in 1 second

The front desktop uses the special quick release design. The left and right desktop can be tilted different angle and share the desk's convenient simultaneously.
Adjustable angle: 0-37degrees


The back desktop uses the special structure to adjust the height synchronously. You can graceful and easy to adjust the height, and it's silent when the desk is going up and down. The adjustable leer can be dismantled in order to avoid the children take the lever.

Convenient stationery

The exclusive stationery panel design and the cable tray can hide the wire. Let the desktop be neat and tidy.

Simple and fashion

The golden ratio base design, without complicated appearance, and the simple design makes the desk be the most beautiful luxury product and show the different style and character.


Material:E0 table board, Plastic material, Gas cylinder, Medium carbon steel, Powder coating
Table Color:Maple
Base Color:Grey
Tilting t:0~37degree(+/-2cm)


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